5 Reasons Saving the Environment Starts with You

Protection of the environment is the collective responsibility of everyone living therein. It is critical to protect the environment to reduce the destruction of the ecosystem caused by a myriad of harmful environmental agents.

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Thus, there are several reasons why saving the environment starts with you, of which the chief among them all is the threat of environmental degradation on the long-term health status of all living things. Discussed below are five reasons for saving the environment start with you.

1.     Safeguarding our Ecosystem:

The environment is very crucial for the growth and sustainability of our ecosystem. The ecosystem comprises plants and animals that solely depend on the environment for survival. It is so interconnected in such a way that a break in the chain in one will change the dynamic nature of the other. For instance, the sun provides light for the plants, plants serve as food for animals and animals serve as food for other animals. However, degrading the environment is tantamount to breaking the food chain and thus, may lead to inadequate energy for food production and finally famine and even death of living things.

2.     Protection of the Human Race:

Another reason we need to save our environment is for the protection of humanity. A lost environment is equivalent to a lost home and natural resources that tend to create a better life for humans. For instance, high pollution of air and water degrades the health balance of humans and leads to death. Thus, saving our environment is important in maintaining the earth’s balance. Taking another instance of harsh weather; trees, when properly preserved and protected can help beat the heat and absorb COwhich is one major cause of global warming. Therefore, saving and protecting the environment is tantamount to saving the human race from harsh and tough weather.

3.     Forest Preservation:

Another reason to save the environment is to reduce the exposure of our forestlife to environmental threats such as unlawful bush burning and killing of wildlife. The forest houses several natural resources which are essential for our daily activities. They include timber, wood, rubber, palm oil, meat (protein), etc.

4.     Moral Obligation to all Humans :

: Environmental protection is a moral obligation of every human on earth. If the same way we treat our fellow human beings is the same way we treat our environment, it will reflect on our personality. Therefore, to be regarded as of good personality, one has to treat the environment rightly and responsibly.

5.     Give Back to the Coming Generation and Future:

When we protect the environment, we are giving back to the future generation, just as the past generation gave to us. Thus, as we thrive to hand over good life and fortune to the future generation unborn, the same way we should strive to give them a good environment to live and stay. To create a happy environment for the future unborn, every human has a role to play with regards to the rightful treatment of our environment.

Without a shred of doubt, it is our utmost responsibility to cater for and preserve our environment. Humans are higher animals, and we are the guardians of this planet, hence, the responsibility falls directly on us to care for the planet.