Achieving business outcomes with service excellence

Business outcomes are, in essence, the goals set by a company to measure the success or achievement of an internal or external process. These goals can also be labelled “desired outcomes” and are a useful way of helping staff to focus on achieving customer success. It seems that most managers within a production environment have heard about the Toyota Production System and have their own view about how it can function.

Lean Consumption mapping has been developed specifically for this purpose. It looks at the two corresponding sides, producer and consumer, of each element of the transaction and classifies each part as value added, non-value added or essential non-value added. To adopt Lean Consumption, first put yourself in the customers’ shoes.

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This will help them to match the right product or service to the needs of each customer. It also means that the members of staff will be able to answer any questions customers have. For example if staff selling laptops know their features and prices, they can suggest a laptop that has features a customer needs for a price they can afford. We provide our clients with an integrated service-led approach to the delivery of legal services, focused on bringing up to date, modern, best practice to drive service excellence.

  • Bloor Investments develop new residential properties, design manufacture and sell triumph motorcycles, and hire out mobile accomodation and mechanical plant to industry.
  • With this award, GM Technology became part of the prestigious list of Andalusian companies that stand out for their excellence and their daily work, helping to promote a circular economy model in Spain.
  • These team members impact your customer service but are often overlooked and can therefore feel undervalued by the organisation.
  • Some will be willing and eager to help you, especially if you want to build on the things they like and value you for.
  • We’re putting the spotlight on five outstanding businesses this year that have caught our eye.

Realistic timescales for delivering customer service, especially at your busiest times. How does great customer service reduce employee turnover in the workplace? When they see positive customer relationships, friendly communication and even banter, it makes your employees feel proud to be part of a team that really cares about their roles and responsibility.

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In response to this customers want integrated services with simple and straightforward experiences. Implement a simple recognition and reward scheme that focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and fits with your organisation’s culture. Give your staff the opportunity to see what level of customer service your competitors are offering. You may even include other organisations that are not competitors but are known to offer great customer service. For top tips with a range of practical activities and exercises, see our customer service training ideas. Your training provider should be able to support and guide you in selecting the best activities to achieve your goals in the most effective way.

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Doing that will help you achieve long-term customer satisfaction which, in turn, means you’re better able to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. So, it’s not just about creating a warm, fuzzy feeling for your customers. We select our team members carefully to ensure their values and customer service ideals compliment the way we do business. From recruitment and training to service delivery, we promise to uphold every point outlined in our Values statement.