Auto Trader Retail Price Index

This offers the driver improved visibility, resulting in increased road traffic safety. In the future, headlights can be designed to be much smaller and more efficient with laser light. Read the monthly market commentary on the Auto Trader Retail Price Index here. It was important to us to partner with a contract hire and fleet management specialist with the same values as ours, and we were immediately impressed with Grosvenor’s dedication to reducing emissions and supporting the green agenda.

The fragmented nature of the automotive industry makes it difficult to push charging infrastructures worldwide or nationally. There is also a continuing discussion about whether it should be the duty of the OEM or the state to charge infrastructure. Some elements of automobile buying have origins in the 20th century and until now have changed somewhat. For the selling of new vehicles, eCommerce is for dealers and consumers, but the traditional shopping experience has always been more important. Moreover, the efforts to incorporate digital instruments like iPads in showrooms have done well to enhance customer service. If you’re one of those people who groan at ‘that time of year’ when the car needs to be serviced, then you’ll love this.

Segmenting the market

Vehicle manufacturers strive to develop vehicles that allow drivers to run their companies and maintain their social lives while driving to meet their requirements and desires. To maximise the opportunities presented by the growing demand for EVs, business leaders in all regions should examine the priorities they have defined according to the segmentation exercise and ask themselves the key questions shown below. The answers may help soften the blow COVID-19 is making on the market and/or aid in the recovery. They’ll also highlight how well-positioned the business is to help accelerate growth in the EV market and reap the benefits when EVs take centre stage. A detailed analysis of survey responses and additional qualitative research informs the individual profiles.

  • Consider that, beyond 2030, one of the key factors in sustaining growth will be the implementation of suitable charging infrastructure.
  • Such cruise control systems are capable of proactive supporting drivers but they aren’t completely autonomous.
  • Technologies like Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto enable users to enjoy the functionality of a phone without having to pick one up.
  • This change in technology has a number of ramifications, both due to the increasing amounts of technology integrated into automobiles, but also due to the nature of the players developing the technology and being introduced into the market.
  • Automotive manufacturers have been integrating digital technology into all aspects of their operations, from product design through procurement, production, and supply chain management, as well as sales and marketing.

Similar to a consumer price comparison website, the Movex platform allows dealers to advertise a delivery online, and gain quotes from hundreds of transport providers in minutes. The number of vehicle movements arranged through Movex, Manheim’s vehicle logistics platform, increased by 55% in 2018 as dealers looked for ways to manage costs and improve margins. Dealer fitted accessories are fitted after registration and could have an impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The Combined Fuel Consumption and Combined CO2 Emissions figures do not include dealer fitted accessories. Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect latest UK specifications, colours may vary, options and/or accessories may be featured at additional cost and locations and vehicles used may be outside of the UK.

Automotive fabric, original upholstery fabrics from Ford

The report explains that manufacturers and suppliers who continue to focus solely on the production and sale of automobiles will find it especially hard to manage the restructuring of the automotive sector. For AID’s perplexed market observers today’s question is not so much whether Germany’s previously long-flourishing domestic market for cutting-edge diesel cars will fade into obscurity, but how soon. As computers have become more central to the mass production of automobiles, the capacity for user interactivity has increased enormously. Today, every car produced has some kind of onboard computer that controls a wide range of functions. Two radar sensors at the front of the vehicle enable the system to judge the distance and users can customize the rate at which the system accelerates. Such cruise control systems are capable of proactive supporting drivers but they aren’t completely autonomous.