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PLP represents individuals and charities in strategic cases to challenge restrictions to the availability of legal aid. In the first year of the scheme, the grant rate was just 1% and only 1,315 applications were made. It has long been recognised that the current system of legal aid is broken and that Exceptional Case Funding – designed to act as a safety net for the most vulnerable – is inadequate. Applications of Act to services provided under Law Reform Act 1990. Legal aid in respect of certain proceedings relating to children.

You can ask your nearest Citizens Advice if they have a list of solicitors offering no win, no fee or free or fixed-fee advice. If you lose, you won’t usually pay your solicitor’s fee but you’ll still have to pay something. You might have to pay the other side’s costs and you might have to pay your solicitor’s expenses, for example, for medical or accident reports. A free or fixed-fee appointment can help you find out your rights and legal position. It’s a good way to find out whether it’s worth taking someone else to court or if you have a case that’s worth defending. You might be able to get a short appointment with a solicitor for free or a set cost.

The Agency has more information about means testing and how to work out who qualifies for civil legal aid. Phone around different firms and ask some questions about how they charge. Other firms will do particular bits of work for a set amount – often called fixed fee work or ‘pay as you go’. Some firms will offer a first appointment, for a fixed fee. Some firms might give you a very short initial appointment for free – say for 20 minutes or half an hour. If you then want the solicitor to do more work for you, many firms will expect you to pay a chunk of money up front – often called money on account.

The statutory charge is deducted from any money the client receives, for example, the compensation they receive in a disrepair claim. What type the solicitor applies for depends on how complex the case is, and what stage the case is it. Solicitors normally apply for Legal Representation for clients who need to start or defend court proceedings. Under Article 6 ECHR everyone has the general right is ‘to a fair … hearing’ in the determination of civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge.

In providing you with the legal advice you need, we strive to act only in your interests, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your case. Protecting your legal rights is challenging when dealing with Mental Health issues. Our Find A Solicitor tool allows you to search for accredited specialists in particular fields. However, some accredited specialists will not do legal aid work.