Discourse And Political Culture

Many education courses, some health science courses including Medicine, and some postgraduate business courses have an earlier start date. Students who started their course with us in 2021 are on campus for some face-to-face learning including tutorials, workshops, laboratory classes and studio sessions. They are also taking part in off-campus learning activities such as placements, field trips and study visits. And all of our campus facilities – libraries, learning spaces, restaurants, gyms and more are open. It’s a vibrant town that has something to offer to everyone and the student culture is great.

This breaks down into about 22 hours of contact time and about 128 hours of independent study. The University may make minor variations to the contact hours for operational reasons, including timetabling requirements. If you want to explore and discuss some of the challenges that you have around scrutiny, and https://www.wikipedia.org/ the relationship between scrutiny and the executive, CfGS’s Scrutiny Improvement Review service may be something you want to take a look at. Traditionally we might have thought of “good leadership” by the executive as being about working consensually, being open and transparent, being visibly accountable.

He teaches global environmental politics, development, and international relations theory. Our Globalisation module presents the fundamental aspects of Globalisation and the realities of today’s world. This module considers the economic, political, technological and social forces currently impacting on Globalisation through analysis of such phenomena as global imbalances, sustainable development, the use and ownership of knowledge, multi-national corporations and more.

Do chiefs make governance more democratic through the feedback ordinary Africans give via their chiefs? We believe that the quality of governance in modern African states is to a varying degree dependent on support of traditional chiefs. Chiefdoms function as stabilizers or destabilizers of states in which they continue to exist. As a number of recent studies show the role of chiefs can be more influential than that of modern bureaucrats. While chieftaincy claims legitimity from the past, this legacy is rather an asset than an impediment for promotion of democracy.

The wave of changes that swept through Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 has freed millions of people from the graps of oppressive regimes. Further tuition fees are payable for each subsequent year of study and are subject to an annual increase of no more than 5% or RPI . The annual increase for UK students, who are subject to regulated https://www.sextonseattle.com/ fees, will increase no more than the statutory maximum fee. Some courses include an optional placement module for which students will need to cover the costs of travel to and from the placement and DBS checks as required. If you choose to take the placement module in year 2, you can gain valuable work experience in a professional setting.