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Our surrogacy lawyers can assist you with navigating all the legal aspects which can be minimised if you have a legal team you can trust. Our specialist solicitors use their expertise and knowledge to provide a bespoke agreement to fully meet your individual needs. Our experienced team can help you deal with the financial perdana4peace aspects of your divorce. We understand the importance of your reputation in both your personal and professional lives. Our specialist team regularly assist high-profile clients in cases involving slander and libel. Sexual freedoms are constantly changing which can raise issues for those working in the sex industry.

Our competitively priced fixed-fee divorce is available to couples looking to separate without financial or child arrangements. Divorce is the legal process that brings a marriage to an end and this process is dealt with in the family Court. Divorce lawyers carry out a conflict check when first meeting a new client by checking to see if they or their firm has acted on behalf of a client that is related to you in this way. A ‘conflict’ covers situations where it is inappropriate for a solicitor to advise a client because of previous or ongoing work with another person involved in the same case.

  • Once you have exchanged this information we can assist you in trying to reach an amicable agreement over how to divide the assets between you and your spouse.
  • In Ashton in Makerfield, a divorce lawyer understands the emotional challenges that you will face, and will guide you through the process making sure that you are well represented.
  • The way this can be achieved is for you to sign a written legal document, called a Separation Deed, which incorporates the agreement you have reached.
  • As yet, the law does not recognise extra-marital sex with someone of the same sex as adultery.
  • We would always encourage you to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse on children issues wherever possible.

You may not be aware of how the courts decide such things and the early advice of a solicitor will help you to plan for a realistic and fair settlement. It is important to try and negotiate to settle the financial issues amicably. This is important as if the court decides you have acted unreasonably at any stage, they can require you to pay some of your spouse’s legal costs. As long as the agreement is freely entered into by both people, with a clear and full understanding of what it means with independent legal advice, then it should be taken into account. Any children of the marriage or civil partnership will need to be maintained though.

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If one of you fails to comply with the terms of a Separation Deed, the other can sue for breach of contract. In any enforcement proceedings, the Separation Deed will not be held to be binding unless you both give full and frank disclosure of your financial circumstances when entering into the agreement. It is important to bear in mind that should either of you make a subsequent financial application to the court, the court is not bound by the financial arrangements contained in the Separation Deed.

Many people rarely consider the implications of divorce on pensions, this specialist area has been discussed by our expert team in our Treatment of Pensions on Divorce podcast. We have covered many of the frequently asked questions around this delicate area of divorce in our guide to child arrangement orders. For further information on the arbitration process and the answers to frequently asked questions, please read our guide to arbitration and divorce here. Divorce after 25 years We are acting for a 50-year-old wife in divorce proceedings after a 25 year old marriage. Bring any relevant documents with you (for example if you have received a letter from your spouse’s/partner’s solicitor).

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In both cases you can reach an out of court agreement that must be signed before a Judge, or you can agree the terms at court. In some divorce cases it can be beneficial, while in others it can be detrimental to the process. Your lawyer will be able to give you an answer based on your circumstances and their experience.

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Our family law teams are experienced in handling complex and high-profile divorce cases. We know the signs that someone may not be behaving honestly and we will apply the law robustly to ensure you get the fair settlement you deserve. Launched in 2009, the Donut websites have grown to be the UK’s largest resource for small businesses.

When a business relationship breaks down this can have a huge impact on the running of a business. Our business dispute solicitors will help you find the right route to achieve resolution. Holding landlords, councils and other local authorities to account is important. You have a right to suitable accommodation, and if this isn’t met, our expert team will fight for your rights.