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There are also often events, webinars, conferences and seminars that are either organised by HSE, or where HSE has significant involvement. In this role, you will mentor and support members of the team, provide peer review of work, lead on specific technical aspects, and provide advice to specialist and policy colleagues and wider stakeholders. HSE’s advice has changed and an individual risk assessment must now be carried out. We also publish other messages that we send to schools with information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to provide feedback about new services and features, join our user research programme.

The UK Health Security Agency has detected 52 additional cases of monkeypox in England, one additional case in Scotland and one in Wales. The UK Health Security Agency has detected 46 additional cases of monkeypox in England, 3 additional cases in Scotland and 1 in Wales. Updated case data will be published on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning on Tuesday 21 June.

The UK Health Security Agency has detected 16 additional cases of monkeypox in England. The UK Health Security Agency has detected 71 additional cases of monkeypox in England. The UK Health Security Agency has detected 5 additional cases of monkeypox in England and 1 in Scotland. The UK Health Security Agency has detected 11 additional cases of monkeypox in England. The UK Health Security Agency has detected 15 additional cases of monkeypox in England and 3 in Scotland.

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Council officials made the shocking discovery during a routine inspection last November and closed the takeaway, saying it posed an ‘imminent risk’. Owner Wen Yi Cao, 50, of Grimsby, admitted 13 severe food hygiene offences when he appeared at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court on July 15. We are working with NHS England and NHS Improvement to contact the individuals who have had close contact with the case prior to confirmation of their infection, to assess them as necessary and provide advice. This includes contacting a number of passengers who travelled in close proximity to the patient on the same flight to the UK. People without symptoms are not considered infectious but, as a precaution, those who have been in close proximity are being contacted to ensure that if they do become unwell they can be treated quickly. A rash can develop, often beginning on the face, then spreading to other parts of the body, particularly the hands and feet.

  • Anyone can get monkeypox, particularly if you have had close contact, including sexual contact, with an individual with symptoms.
  • Yorkshire, with five million customers, Severn Trent with eight million and South West with up to two million people are also believed to be considering introducing hosepipe bans.
  • The UK Health Security Agency has published its first technical briefing on the ongoing monkeypox outbreak.
  • Full guidance on semen testing for monkeypox for clinicians has been published.
  • We are contacting any potential close contacts of the cases to provide health information and advice.

Before you go to a party or event, check yourself for monkeypox symptoms, including rashes and blisters. If you have monkeypox symptoms, take a break from attending events or sex until you’ve called 111 or a sexual health service and been assessed by a clinician. It can take up to 3 weeks for symptoms to appear after being in contact with someone with monkeypox, so stay alert for symptoms after you have skin to skin or sexual contact with someone new. Anyone with unusual rashes or lesions on any part of their body should immediately contact NHS 111 or their local sexual health service – please phone ahead before attending in person.

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A notable proportion of cases detected have been in gay and bisexual men, so UKHSA continues to urge this community to be alert to monkeypox symptoms. You should call NHS 111 or a sexual health centre immediately if you have a rash with blisters. Stay at home and avoid close contact with other people until you’ve been told what to do.

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Future importations of monkeypox directly from West Africa as well as cases caused by the Congo basin clade of the virus will still be classified as HCIDs as we cannot predict their characteristics. This decision has been taken because the current outbreak does not meet the criteria for a high consequence infectious disease, which is defined as having a high mortality rate and a lack of available interventions. We continue to advise those with monkeypox to not have sex while symptomatic and while lesions are present. The UK previously procured nearly 30,000 doses, enabling the NHS to begin rollout of the vaccine programme to individuals who are most likely to acquire the virus. Thank you to all contacts who have isolated already in response to this outbreak. We understand that isolation can be difficult but this was a necessary precaution whilst our knowledge of the outbreak was limited.