Political System: 7 Comparison of Indonesian & Australian

The political system is designed to realize the government of a country so that the people of a nation are more prosperous and prosperous.

The government is tasked with regulating, controlling, evaluating, and running a system so that it is more focused on the smooth life of the nation and state. Making various efforts to realize the shared ideals that become the goal of a life in a country. Enforce regulations and laws for the common good.

Indonesian and Australian Political Systems

Every nation and country has a different political system. For example, the political system applied by Indonesia is certainly different from the political system run by Australia. These differences occur because the character of each country is certainly different. The political system run by a country cannot be separated from the system of government, parliament, parties in a country, and the elections that occur. If the political system in a country is running well, then the administration of the state government can run smoothly, and vice versa. Of course not forgetting the role of the community who helped and supported the running of the current government.

The system of government adopted by Australia is a tradition of liberal democracy. Therefore. this is based on the principles of religious tolerance, freedom of opinion, speech, and association, the law that runs, and the model of government that duplicates the style of government in Britain and North America. Australia itself is formed from 6 states which become a federation. Then, A parliamentary system consisted of representatives of the people and a senate. Parliament that appoints ministers exercises executive power. While the minister himself is fully responsible to the parliament. For information, the head of state of Australia is the head of state of the UK. It’s no secret that Australia is a British Commonwealth country.

What is the comparison between Indonesia’s and Australia’s political systems?

1. Government system

Indonesia uses a presidential system of government, while Australia uses a parliamentary system of government

2. Form of state

The State of Indonesia is a unitary state consisting of islands so it forms a single unit. Australia is a country with the same form of a federation as the UK.

3. Form of government

The form of government in Indonesia is the Republic while the form of government in Australia uses a constitutional monarchy form of government.

4. Legislative

Legislative members in Indonesia consist of the DPR and DPD. Then members of the DPR and DPD can become members of the MPR. The Australian parliament consists of the governor-general, the senate, and the House of Representatives.

5. Executive

In Indonesia, the president acts as head of state and head of government and the people directly elect him. Meanwhile, Australia’s federal executive board consists of the governor-general with the consideration of executive advisers (prime minister and minister). The Governor-General will not refuse advice from the executive.

6. Parliamentary elections

Held elections for members of parliament in Indonesia every 5 years. Australia holds parliamentary elections every 3 years. Elections are a form of the democratic political system. Parliamentary elections are a form of comparison between the political systems of Indonesia and Australia.

7. Judicial

In Indonesia, the members of the judiciary consist of the Supreme Court, lower judicial bodies, and the constitutional court. Australia itself has judicial members consisting of the Australian Supreme Court and the courts under the auspices of the Australian Supreme Court.

So that’s a little explanation about the comparison of the political systems of Indonesia and Australia. Even though they are neighbors, of course, there are many differences. If you look at the comparison, then indirectly, the system of government used by Australia is almost similar to the UK as an example of the political system of various countries.