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You look to us for solutions which represent good value for money and are delivered in an effective and friendly way. We aim to go a step further and provide a consistently exceptional client experience to everyone who chooses to seek our advice. Further guidance can be found in the section on special category data. Even if the processing for a new purpose is lawful, you will also need to consider whether it is fair and transparent, and give individuals information about the new purpose. Consent must always be specific and informed, and reusing the data for a new purpose would unfairly undermine the original consent.

If you are processing special category data you need to identify both a lawful basis for general processing and an additional condition for processing this type of data. If you’re setting up an LPA for financial decisions, your attorney must keep accounts and make sure their money is kept separate from yours. You can ask for regular details of how much is spent and how much money you have. These details can be sent to your solicitor or a family member if you lose mental capacity. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can demonstrate which lawful basis applies to the particular processing purpose.

If you are processing special category data, you need to identify both a lawful basis for processing and a special category condition for processing in compliance with Article 9. You should document both your lawful basis for processing and your special category condition so that you can demonstrate compliance and accountability. You should document both your lawful basis for processing and your criminal offence data condition so that you can demonstrate compliance and accountability. The university however needs to consider its basis carefully – it is the controller’s responsibility to be able to demonstrate which lawful basis applies to the particular processing purpose. Several of the lawful bases relate to a particular specified purpose – a legal obligation, performing a contract with the individual, protecting someone’s vital interests, or performing your public tasks. If you are processing for these purposes then the appropriate lawful basis may well be obvious, so it is helpful to consider these first.

Information for members of the public about finding a solicitor, advice for applicants, objections to the granting of civil services, the Statutory Charge and the National Fraud Initiative. Legal Managed Services At Deloitte Legal Managed Services we provide specialist, regulated lawyers who become an intrinsic part of your team, working alongside you in the review, remediation and negotiation of your contracts. Corporate Law Our corporate team specialise in supporting technology companies and digital businesses as they expand. We’ll advise you on straightforward corporate structuring, mergers & acquisitions and complex deals involving highly technical earn-outs or warranty protections. As a registered CPD provider, we take a leading role in providing legal education through research, training, and publications on topical issues and underrepresented areas of information.

You usually need to get fresh consent which specifically covers the new purpose. If you do get specific consent for the new purpose, you do not need to show it is compatible. Even if it could have originally relied on legitimate interests, the company cannot do so at a later date – it cannot switch basis when it realised that the original chosen basis was inappropriate . It should have made clear to the individual from the start that it was processing on the basis of legitimate interests. Leading the individual to believe they had a choice is inherently unfair if that choice will be irrelevant. The company must therefore stop processing when the individual withdraws consent.

The first principle requires that you process all personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner. If no lawful basis applies to your processing, your processing will be unlawful and in breach of the first principle. You need therefore to keep a record of which basis you are relying on for each processing purpose, and a justification for why you believe it applies.

As the legal sector evolves there is a growing demand for a new kind of lawyer – a specialist lawyer. Trained differently and qualifying as specialists from the start, specialist lawyers are the future of law. The LPA must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before it can be used. If you’re on a low income, you may be eligible for a 50% discount, and if you’re receiving certain benefits you won’t have to pay anything at all. You must register your LPA while you still have the mental capacity and it can’t be used during the registration process which takes about 9 weeks. If you lose mental capacity but signed the LPA while you still had mental capacity, your attorney can register it for you.

The Housing and General Court Department has six solicitors and a paralegal experienced in the field of housing, preventing homelessness and general social welfare law. In a complex and fast-moving legal environment, it’s vital you have the expertise you need, when you need it. Our legal services can help you navigate the complexities you’re facing right now, while preparing for the future, with solutions that span the whole legal function. Driven by legal expertise, powered by insights and brought to life through technology – we create results that make the difference. If you’ve been charged with a crime, ask your solicitor or barrister if you’re able to get criminal legal aid. Thousands of highly skilled legal professionals are starting to transform the UK legal sector as CILEX Lawyers ; and forging a rewarding career for themselves at the same time.

By donating today, you could help us answer more calls to our advice line, campaign harder for older people’s rights and fair treatment and provide regular friendship calls to people who are desperately lonely. Raise your concerns with the Office of the Public Guardian, which has responsibility for monitoring attorneys and deputies and can investigate allegations of mistreatment or fraud. It can report concerns to another agency, such as the police or social services, if appropriate. The application forms from the Office of the Public Guardian contain guidance to help you fill them out. Alternatively, you can fill them in online and phone the OPG helpline if you have any issues or concerns. There are different types of power of attorney and you can set up more than one.

State of Legal Services Report 2020 Our State of Legal Services Report 2020 gives an in-depth review of the legal services sector following ten years of independent regulation. However, if you made and signed an EPA before 1 October 2007, it should still be valid. An EPA covers decisions about your property and financial affairs, and it comes into effect if you lose mental capacity, or if you want someone to act on your behalf.