Some Functions of State Administrative Law

Some Functions of State Administrative Law

Some Functions of State Administrative Law

Administrative Law – Of course, as Indonesians, we know very well how our country is. The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia that we live in is a state of law, where the law is strictly adhered to and implemented fairly and fairly. There are various types that we can find, ranging from examples of customary law to laws that are included in examples of law laws which also have several other legal forms such as corporate law forms. The types of law are also distinguished according to their breadth, namely private law, and public law.

The State Administrative Law was used as the basis for carrying out the life of the nation and state, with services provided to the community honestly and sincerely. The law is very necessary to form a prosperous country. If this concept is applied continuously, discipline will be maintained so that all forms of fraud in the government can be minimized.

Legal Function

Now that we know about some of the nature of the laws that apply to this country, we can take some important points from the function of law. What is the actual function of the law itself? Law exists to create security and order. You can imagine if in our country there were no laws that apply to the state and society. Of course, this country would be in ruins because everyone can be free to do what they like. Even if what they do violates the rights of others. The state of the country will be chaotic and devastating. Conditions will be increasingly out of control and in the end, the country will experience destruction. To know more about accessories you can visit this site karendiamonddesigns

For that, a law is needed, in order to establish public order. This order is needed to make society more harmonious and orderly, so as to keep them away from anarchic behavior. Apart from the community, the state must of course also have its own rules to regulate its institutions. Everything is regulated in the realm of state administrative law. Regarding the explanation of the law, you can see more information below:

State Administrative Law

In addition to the existence of a legal function in society, administrative law actually has an understanding as a law that becomes a tool that regulates how government organizations are organized and also how they behave to the wider community and other organizations. This is very necessary to maintain state relations with the community and also other state institutions.

So, the state can follow all the rules that exist in state administrative law to be able to maintain good relations with its people so that fraud and public suspicion can be minimized. The contents of the State Administrative Law itself are all matters regarding the duties of state institutions, as a guide for them to carry out their obligations.

Principles that Must Always Hold Firm

By taking some of the very important principles of Pancasila Democracy, there are several principles that should be adhered to by a person who serves in a state administrative body. These principles must always be remembered by independent officials so that they can carry out their duties well, and maintain good relations with the community.

Here are some principles to note:

1. Jurisdiction

The first point of the three important principles of State Administrative Law is Jurisdiction. This principle was first stated by Rechtmatingheid who stated that all state officials must not violate the law. State officials should be an example for the people, they must also respect the values ​​of obedience and justice.

2. Discretion

The second is Discretion. The first person to review the principle of discretion was Freis Ermessen, who stated that officials working in state administrative institutions have the freedom to express their own opinions. As long as they do not go against the laws and regulations that apply to the government. So even though they are free, there are still limitations that must be respected by them.

3. Legality

The last principle is legality by Wetmatinghed. What is meant by legality here is that every action taken by a state official must have a legal basis, so this limits the authority they have. Because Indonesia is also a state of law, everyone must also respect the law, and cannot use their power arbitrarily.

4. General principles that can be applied to form a good state.

namely the principle of equality, legal certainty, justice, prompt action, wisdom, and also focus on the public interest, not organizational or personal gain. These principles are things that must be considered as a complement to be able to form a prosperous country.

Purpose of State Administrative Law

There are several purposes of the existence of State Administrative Law. The first is to provide freedom to use authority for a state official. But this does not mean that they can use their authority as they please. There are rules governing their authority, and if they are violated, sanctions will be given to anyone who violates them.

The second objective is to provide protection to the public as well as state institutions from the arbitrary behavior of state officials in using their power. So they cannot be negatively influenced by irresponsible officials.

Functions of State Administrative Law

As with the function of international law, there are several important functions of state administrative law, namely:


Provide a great influence to build a society in accordance with the life goals of the nation and state.


Maintaining a harmonious community life so that divisions can be minimized. Balance in the life of the nation and the state can also occur properly if there is a state administrative law in the government.


To improve the actions or behavior of the wider community and also state institutions that act as state administration.


Provide improvements to society and also state institutions if there are deficiencies so that the value of justice can be applied perfectly


Build and maintain national unity. Due to the lack of division and high mutual trust, the unity of the nation can be obtained and maintained for a very long time so that the implementation of national and state life can run well.


State Administrative Law is one kind of positive law, which can form a better and cleaner country that is in accordance with the principles of national and state life. The people and the state also get good protection guarantees.

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