Maine Legal Services For The Elderly

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Sarro will function general counsel to Arundel Community Development Services, a county-run nonprofit that runs inexpensive housing programs. Her ex-boyfriend was prosecuted and convicted of assault, but as a result of he had been paying the hire, she fell behind.

Brenda Martinez, 32, left, will get some Crayons handed to her from Isaac Martinez, 2, as they spend the day at their camp as her husband works on a farm nearby Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. Gala apples are almost prepared for selecting close to Grand Rapids Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. $35,000 of county funding for the Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland, to broaden the center’s already-present tenant intake line. The nonprofit tenant rights group supplies renters with information about the eviction course of and refers them to legal assistance and eviction prevention programs. $65,000 in CARES funding to deliver on longtime housing attorney Lisa Sarro, who will help oversee … Read More