International Relations, Politics And Security Studies Ba Hons Degree

A member of academic staff acts as a designated Disability and Diversity Officer and ensures that reasonable adjustments are made for students with disabilities. Many modules include early forms of assessment designed to monitor progress and provide feedback before longer pieces of coursework and final exams. We carefully consider your contextual data (the circumstances in which you’ve been studying) upon application. Eligible students applying for this course will be given an offer at the lower end of the advertised grade range.

All of our topics involve questions of power, ethics, transnational cooperation and security. Recently we have explored terrorism, nuclear weapons, our moral obligations to foreigners, as well as migration, the fate of the environment, and emerging powers in the international system. By year 3, you will be able to develop, research and present your own ideas on international politics.

Third, the course spends some time discuss the so-called … Read More