The Rise Of Millennial Socialism


The upshot, as my Reason colleague Matt Welch has noted, is that under Trump, the annual price ticket of presidency went up by $937 billion in less than four years in distinction to the $870 billion worth hike during Obama’s eight years. But Obama’s hike included the tab for government spending on the financial meltdown. Trump’s $2.35 trillion in direct coronavirus-associated authorities spending, in contrast, is extra.

He is now urging GOP lawmakers to surrender no matter nostalgia they have for the halcyon days when fiscal responsibility was their mantra and “go for the a lot higher [spending] numbers” to spice up the economic system and present those “heartless” Democrats. Socialism is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million victims. Christian theology with its thought of a fixed human nature infuriated Marx, who was not just an atheist but a God-hater who denounced religion as “the opium of … Read More