How True Liberalism Can Be A Resource For All


fifty one In addition to ensuring that the actions of leading states taken by way of democratic procedures are respectable, therefore, it’s essential also to make sure that the outcomes of their actions are just by assessing choices according to the precept of righteousness. For instance, because the polarisation between the wealthy and poor intensifies as a result of globalisation, precedence needs to be given to the principle of justice over that of democracy in order to promote common development in our age. The precept of democracy alone ensures only that every nation, regardless of its wealth, has the best to decide on its own development agenda.

65 Guanzi proposed that a humane authority understands morality, while a hegemon is aware of the way to win wars. 64 However, neither ‘xiong cai da lue’ nor ‘benevolent hegemon’ adequately expresses the worth distinction between hegemony and a greater kind of worldwide … Read More