Corporatism As A Contested Sphere


The use of corporatism as a framework to grasp the central state’s behaviour in China has been criticized by authors such as Bruce Gilley and William Hurst. Attempts within the United States to create neo-corporatist capital-labor arrangements were unsuccessfully advocated by Gary Hart and Michael Dukakis within the Eighties.

Many social scientists have criticized firms for failing to act in the interests of the people; they declare the existence of large corporations seems to circumvent the ideas of democracy, which assumes equal energy relations between all individuals in a society. As a part of the political left, activists against corporate power and affect work in the direction of a decreased income hole and improved economical fairness. Critics have argued that there’s an inherent tendency toward oligopolistic buildings when laissez-faire is mixed with capitalist private property.

Quasi-corporatism: America’s Homegrown Fascism

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