Types of Profession Advocate

Types of Profession Advocate

Types of Profession Advocate

There are many types of advocate professions and each has a different role. You must know the role of the various professions. However, in general the tasks are the same.

Advocates are tasked with providing solutions to their clients’ legal problems and disputes. In addition, analyzing issues and preparing various documents for appeals and lawsuits.

Clients can be from government agencies, individuals, businesses and others. Therefore, various skills are needed to support all their duties and responsibilities.

Getting to Know the Types of Advocate Profession

The profession usually works in government as an advisor to administrative bodies. However, there are also other types of professions so you don’t always have to work under the government.

Company Advocate

In the legal world, this profession is usually known as internal counsel. Here it is your role to advise company executives on legal matters related to business activities. To know more about business you can visit this site sfcarinsurance

Problems that often arise include patents, contracts with other companies and government regulations. In addition, related to cooperation agreements, taxes and property.

Public Interest Advocate

This type of advocate profession usually works in private institutions or non-profit organizations. These institutions and organizations provide legal services for underprivileged people.

Usually handles more civil cases than criminal cases. For example cases of job discrimination, rent, salary disputes and many others.

Environmental Advocacy

The problem you are dealing with is closely related to the environment. In most cases, you will work for a waste disposal company or advocacy group.

In this type of advocate profession, you can also work in government agencies. Here you have a duty to ensure compliance with the law.

Tax Lawyer

Your role is to handle various issues related to corporate and individual taxes. In this case, you can help clients deal with quite complex tax regulations.

In addition, it must be able to make clients pay taxes according to the provisions. Examples include property, income and profit taxes.